What is Legal Notice? – How to make and send legal notice?

What is legal notice: There are many such close people around us, with whom our transaction work continues. Be it a relative or a friend. In social life we depend on each other. Many times people also do business together with each other and because of all this sometimes problems also arise. Whenever there is dependence on each other for some work, it is also considered necessary to have trust between two people.

Sometimes our faith starts to waver. Due to some reason, the person in front has not given our money or has broken the trust, in such a situation, the support of the law can be taken. In such cases, the cases can be disposed of by giving legal notice.

What is Legal Notice

What is Legal notice?

The process of giving legal notice proceeds legally. Through this notice, you can give legal warning to your opponents. When the work cannot be done by itself, then legal threat can be given in such work. This legal threat can make our work impoverished. All your terms are included in the Legal Notice, if your work is not done within the stipulated time, then legal action can also be taken. Through Legal Notice we can come out of our problems. Legal notice works under section 18 IPC.

Why is a legal notice sent?

Many times it happens that the person in front does wrong with us and we keep on tolerating everything. We can take our rights through Legal Notice. Whenever it seems that someone has done wrong with us or cheated for something, Legal Notice can be sent at such a time. If someone has insulted or someone’s check has bounced or if there has been a huge loss, then it is right to send a legal notice. By sending a legal notice, the person in front is bound to listen to you.

How is Legal notice made?

Legal notice is sent only when some work cannot be done easily. Once a legal notice is sent to the court, it cannot be taken back, so while sending the legal notice, make it well so that no mistake can be made. The work of making this notice should be given to a good lawyer only so that there is no scope for mistake and the work can be done easily.

How to make and send legal notice
  1. While making a Legal Notice, the date has been given importance, when is it made? Write the date at the top of this notice, followed by the name and address of the person sending the legal notice.
  2. If you are sending Legal Notice to more than one person, then write serial number and name.
  3. If the person is in a company, office, then give the details of their office address.
  4. Then instead of writing the subject, write the title of the notice, it will be understood that you have sent a legal notice.
  5. Legal notice can also be sent by speed post, courier and full details should also be given.
  6. After that, address his company and person and write your point clearly in minimum words. Give details of the situation if the right steps are not taken.
  7. Whatever your conditions will be, also describe all those conditions in your notice.
  8. Whatever the reason you are sending the legal notice, please give full details so they can understand the point.
  9. Also, give details of the time you have given to comply with your terms and conditions.
  10. In case of non-fulfillment of the condition in any way in the Legal Notice, give details of the amount of loss. Explain the matter of going to court together
  11. Put your signature on each page of the legal notice. Also, pass them along.
  12. The person to whom the notice is being sent is called the noticeee. If notice is to be sent to more than one person, then the names of Noticee 1 and Noticee 2 can also be addressed.

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How to respond to a legal notice?

If someone has sent you a Legal Notice. So you have to answer it. Even while replying to the notice, all the information should be written correctly.

How to respond to a legal notice
  1. Write a reply on the name and office address of the person who has sent the legal notice.
  2. The date on which the notice is made, give the title of the reply by writing “Reply of Legal Notice Dated”.
  3. First of all, inform the lawyer of the opposing party about the whole situation. You tell them that you were unaware of all the information and you have been cheated.
  4. After that, tell the whole thing in response to the notice so that they also understand what is the truth?
  5. Answer accurately according to the mercury number in the Legal Notice.
  6. The answer can also be written in its own terms. The fee for replying to the Legal Notice can also be demanded.
  7. Do not forget to sign each page of the notice.
  8. Reply to the Legal Notice when it is very necessary, otherwise the opposite party will come to know about your defence.
  9. If possible, avoid answering the legal notice, otherwise the opposite party will have the answer to the legal notice as evidence.

Receive legal notice or not?

Legal notice is sent only when something wrong has happened to someone. When a legal notice comes, initially I don’t understand what to do. Do receive the legal notice when it comes, it will be understood that what the opposite party wants from you? This will also reduce the introspection in your mind. If they refuse to take notice, then the report goes to the court. Legal notice has been refused by you when you go to court, it will be considered as such.

If legal notice comes related to the cheque, it is considered better not to receive it. In such a situation, send a report that the address is wrong, then that notice will not be considered received. The case can also be won on this basis. There is a need to be alert when the Legal Notice related to check bounce comes.

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Benefits of sending legal notice

Sometimes the benefit of sending a legal notice is found. If you have to collect your due money from someone, then it is beneficial to send Legal Notice after giving some time period. In this way precious time is also saved. There are many problems which are easily solved after giving legal notice. Everyone wants that any matter should be resolved outside the court. In such a situation, legal notice can be beneficial. Big expenses and your time can be saved only through legal notice.

  • Out of Court Settlement.
  • Mutual Understanding.
  • Cost Friendly.
  • Information. A legal notice, when sent, delivers your intention before the beginning of legal proceedings.
  • Removal of Doubt.
  • Record.
  • Written Warning. A legal notice is a written warning which conveys the opponent your plan of action.

No need to be afraid of legal notice

When a matter cannot be resolved easily, a notice is sent. Legal notice is the means to solve the matter. Through which a decision can be taken outside the court, sometimes a legal notice is sent for the purpose of intimidating the other party, but there is no need to be afraid of it. Whenever Legal Notice is sent, it is considered as Court’s notice which is not correct. It does not matter if the person does not take the notice sent because the purpose of this is to convey the information to the person. The court also gives time for mutual consent by sending a notice, so there is absolutely no need to be afraid.

Legal notice required in criminal case

In criminal cases, there is a need to send notices the most. If seen, there is no special need for any kind of Legal Notice except contempt. Whenever any work is done, before that legal notice can be given to the opposing party, in this also settlement can be done outside the court.

Legal notice can also be sent on WhatsApp?

Notice is always sent to give information. In this case, the court also wants that the matter should be settled outside the court. If desired, notice can also be sent through WhatsApp. Legal notice will be deemed to have been handed over only when blue tick appears on the notice sent for this. The blue tick proves that the recipient has read the message. The same will be understood in the case of Legal Notice. If a blue tick appears after sending a legal notice, it will be considered that the notice has been read, although it can also be misused.

Deadline for sending legal notice

Whenever legal notice is sent, a certain time limit is given in each case. Legal notice can be sent within 30 days in case of check bounce. In many other cases, this time limit can also be up to 3 years. Sending a legal notice starts only after you have come to know about the fraud or loss.

This is how legal notices can be used. Mostly it is observed that whenever any notice comes, we start getting scared and nervous. There is no need to fear much in this matter. The law gives time for this so that you can sort out all the matters on your own. Legal notice should always be sent within the right scope, only then the right decision will be taken. There is a need for a better lawyer for all these works, who can give you the right guidance. Do your work cautiously and carefully so that no problem can arise.


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