Ways To Avoid Paying Alimony – Rules for Paying Alimony

Today, through this article, we are going to give you information about “what are the ways to avoid paying alimony”. After marriage, when husband and wife decide to separate from each other. In the same situation, how can the husband avoid paying alimony to the wife? In this post, Supreme Court does not give alimony to an educated wife, ways to avoid giving alimony, rules for giving alimony, and order of the Supreme Court for alimony has been explained.

Ways To Avoid Paying Alimony

Ways to Avoid Paying Alimony

Under Section 125 of CrPC, if the husband does not want to pay alimony to his wife, then what can be the measures to avoid it, the information is as follows-

  • If the wife earns, then the husband should present all the proofs of earning against his wife in the court. In that case, paying alimony can be avoided.
  • If the wife is living separately without any reason, then pressure can be made on her by filing a case under Section 9 of the Hindu Marriage Act. If you have got a section 9 degree then you can avoid paying alimony.
  • Due to most of cases, the wife does not want to live with her husband. If the wife stays with you in the court, then she is happily ready to pay her expenses. Will try to find out why she doesn’t want to be with you.
  • You will have to present the evidence that your wife is characterless in the court because the wife is not entitled to seek maintenance from the husband if she is characterless.
  • If possible, you should go to the court after getting all the dates, if due to some reason you are not able to appear in the court, then this information should be given to your lawyer in advance.
  • If your wife tries to prove in the court what are your sources of income, then you should not agree with her at all, in that case the case will remain in your favor and you will be saved from paying alimony.

To win any case, it is most important that you should do a cross-examination from the opposite party, for this you have to choose a good lawyer if your lawyer is good and fighting the case properly. So by cross-examination, you can win the case.

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Supreme Court no Alimony to Educated Wife

The wife is educated and she can work but she does not want to do it intentionally, then you have to keep this thing in the court that your wife is educated and can earn her living by doing that job just to trouble her. Is not able to do it and is forcefully demanding alimony from you. If the wife is not living with you for any reason without her consent, then you will have to present proof in court that she is living separately from the husband without any reason and demanding alimony. In these circumstances, you are not entitled to pay alimony.

What is Alimony Law CRPS 125

Alimony law is the one in which the order to pay alimony is first obtained under the civil court itself. But now if a person deliberately tries to evade his responsibilities. For example, in the case of disabled parents, wife, and undiagnosed disabled children, under sections 125 to 128 of IPC Section 1973, the Magistrate can order that he, while upholding the prima facie judge, also request the wife to pay alimony to the husband. Could

The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 has given a provision for the wife to seek alimony from the husband by applying in the court of Judicial Magistrate First Class. In this, the wife can also claim compensation for the harassment of her husband. In which marriage alimony, household items, gold, and jewelry, apart from this, the expenses incurred in marriage have also been included.

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What are the Rules for Paying Alimony

Alimony can be given by a wife to disabled children, helpless children or parents. But it will be given if their condition is like this.

  • In the absence of any other means of livelihood, he has a wife to maintain who does not earn any money at all.
  • If they have children they may be cognates or even unable to support themselves physically even if there is a parent and they cannot support themselves they are ordered to pay alimony in that situation.

A certain amount is fixed by the Magistrate. The Magistrate labor examines whether the above conditions have been fulfilled or not. then surely the possessor of the unrepentant will be

How To Avoid Alimony And Save Alimony

Under Section 125 of CrPC, a husband does not have to pay maintenance to his wife. For this, he has to show himself as helpless and poor in the court. And this thing has to be proved by a lawyer. Only then you can avoid paying maintenance under section 125 CrPC. To avoid paying maintenance to the wife, it is necessary to first cross-verify the case filed by the wife. Even after that, you can file a wrongful maintenance alumnus case against your wife.

How to Avoid Paying Alimony in California?

Show that your spouse lives with someone else: If you can show that your spouse lives with someone else, you may be able to pay full spousal support.


In this post, Supreme Court does not give alimony to an educated wife, ways to avoid giving alimony, rules for giving alimony, and order of the Supreme Court for alimony has been explained. We hope that whatever information has been given to you through this article. You will definitely like her. If you still have any questions regarding alimony, then you can ask by commenting in our comment section and if possible, you can also share this post as much as possible.

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