Lawyer Salary of Government Advocate: Here Know About How Much Salary They Got

Do you also want to become a government lawyer Salary and want to know how much is the salary of a government lawyer? Then you have come to the right place. Here, apart from salary, you will also get information about the designation of government lawyer and why government lawyers are needed in the society.

Lawyer Salary of Government Advocate

Why is a government lawyer needed

Before we go ahead, let us first know what is the job of a government lawyer? What does he do? So let us tell you that a government lawyer advocates the cases of the state government. He participates in the proceedings of the case in the court as per the order of the government. If the victim cannot afford the lawyer’s expenses, then the court gives him the facility of a lawyer, that is, the same public prosecutor / government lawyer fights the case of that victim without taking any fee.

Apart from this, he presents the state government’s side by taking part in the appeal, hearing in any case or judicial process on behalf of the government. Evidence means collecting evidence and presenting them before the court. Argues for justice. Let us also tell you that the selection of Public Prosecutor under Provision of Section 24 (CrPC 1972) is necessary in every district. If the government wants, it can appoint one or more lawyers.

Also Know About How to become a Lawyer

How to become a government lawyer?

As you know that a public prosecutor has to defeat the opponent side with his arguments. On the basis of your legal knowledge, you have to defend the case better. Help is required in legal matters. Now we will tell you how you can become this important person i.e. government lawyer.

Government Lawyer Salary

According to, the average annual salary for a government lawyer in India is ₹445,861. Apart from this salary, you will also get other services by the government as other government employees get.

The salary mentioned above keeps on changing with time. The salary of government lawyers increases only when the government brings a new Pay Commission. The salary of a government lawyer also depends on which court he is in and in which state he is posted.

Designation of Public Prosecutor

Government Lawyer is called Public Prosecutor in English. A Public Prosecutor / Public Prosecutor is appointed by the government on these designations.

  • Assistant Public Prosecutor: They scrutinize the charge sheets prepared by the agencies. They are also responsible for evaluating evidence and filing revision petitions. And they also conduct criminal proceedings in the court of the Metropolitan Magistrate.
  • Additional Prosecutor: Conducts criminal proceedings in the Sessions Court.
  • Chief Prosecutor: Supervises the functions exercised by the Assistant Public Prosecutor in the Metropolitan Magistrate’s Court.
  • Public Prosecutor: Supervises the work exercised by the Additional Public Prosecutor in the Sessions Court and the High Court.

As all the functions of the government lawyer differ according to their designation. Similarly, the salary of all Public Prosecutors also differs from each other.

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Why is there a need for a government lawyer in the society?

Whenever a crime is committed against a group or individual, it is believed to have been committed against the society. It is the duty of the state to provide justice to any group or person in the society who is affected by the crime. For which the state appoints a public prosecutor or a public prosecutor.

A government pleader is bound to obey all these basic laws which come under the purview of the constitution

  • equality before the law
  • protection against self-incrimination
  • equal protection of laws
  • presumption of innocence until proven guilty
  • The arrest and detention must be in accordance with the provisions of P.C.
  • prohibition of discrimination
  • protection against ex post law
  • double jeopardy protection
  • Right to life and personal liberty except according to procedure established by law.

அரசு வழக்கறிஞர் சம்பளம்?

இந்திய அரசாங்கத்தில் வழக்கறிஞர் சம்பளம் ₹ 1.0 லட்சம் முதல் ₹ 4.4 லட்சம் வரை இருக்கும்.

वकील की सैलरी कितनी होती है

भारत में सरकारी वकील का औसत वार्षिक वेतन 445,861 रुपये है।

Salary of government lawyer in india?

The average annual salary of a public prosecutor in India is ₹445,861.

Salary of government lawyer in USA per month?

As of January 17, 2023, the average annual salary for a government attorney in the United States was $91,562 per year. That is $1,712/week or $7,635/month.

I think now you all know about lawyer Salary of Government Advocate. If you have any queries then comment below I always help you.

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