Fake Court Marriage Certificate – 7 Years Jail

Through this article today, we are going to provide you information about “Fake court marriage certificate”. If someone obtains court marriage certificate from a person. Under which punishment has been described in our law. You will get to read complete information about it in detail, let us know.

Fake court marriage certificate: You must have often seen in the newspaper news yourself or heard from the people around you that the person cheated on him or he has been cheated or must have heard about problems like a fraud. In today’s time, people do anything for deceit. It has been seen many times that nowadays such crimes have started being committed mostly in the youth. He can go to any extent to fulfill any of his objectives.

Fake Court Marriage Certificate

Nowadays it has been seen that boys and girls get fake marriage certificates made without marriage for the purpose of cheating. This is also a kind of crime. This type of crime has been included under section 468 IPC.

If a boy or girl wants to get a fake marriage certificate made without marriage, it is also considered a fraud case. In the eyes of the law, such work is considered a crime, if someone is harassed by using a fake court marriage certificate for fraud, then under this crime, the provision of punishment has also been told in the law. Today, through this article, we will tell you What happens when a fake court marriage certificate is made, under which section of the IPC section this crime is considered, apart from this, what is the provision for the punishment of this crime in the law, we are going to describe all of them in this article, let us know.

What is Fake court marriage certificate?

Fake court marriage certificate is one in which the boy and girl do some kind of wrongdoing by getting a fake marriage certificate made or use fake certificate to avoid being correct. That is considered a fake certificate. This is considered a crime in the eyes of the law. Because it has been said in our Indian law that making marriage certificate without marriage is invalid. Marriage certificate is not recognized without marriage. It is the duty of the officer conducting the marriage to complete the registration process only after thorough investigation of the marriage. After that prepare the court marriage certificate legally.

What is IPC 468?

According to section 468 IPC in our Indian constitution, if a person commits a forgery and uses the same for the purpose of deceiving a forgery document. shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to 7 years. Apart from this, he will also be a part of the financial penalty.

Fake court marriage certificate Punishment

The crime under Fake court marriage certificate is committed for the purpose of fraud. Under this crime, the guilty person is given 7 years of imprisonment and a monetary penalty. Because it is considered a non-bailable and federal offense. This offense will also be triable by the Magistrate of the first class. Apart from this, there will be no compromise of any kind in this crime.

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